Phase-out people

We don’t actually say goodbye to as many people as we used to.

Thanks to social media, you can keep tabs, check-in or stock from a distance.

That shift is vastly different from ten years ago.

And so, we tend to keep people around us. Perhaps, even longer than we should.

Not everyone you meet is going to be extraordinary. As a result, we begin to surround ourselves around mediocrity and become more comfortable with it.

The real decision then is figuring out who is actually a real friend and who is just someone we know on Facebook.

Who is actually helping you become the person you want to be?


Who is keeping you from reaching your goals?

Make no mistake, we need friends. Humans are built to connect. But the amount of friends has nothing to do with quality.

We need to surround ourselves with quality people. Even if we must say goodbye to some for a time and season.

Setting a good example from a distance maybe all we can do. It’s better than living under your potential.