The tension of reasonable and unreasonable

If you are feeling stuck in your job or in your routine, it’s probably because every time a choice is made you choose the reasonable one.

Because it seems reasonable to stick with a job you know (and hate). “Have you seen this economy?”

Because it seems reasonable to put off the gym until Monday. “I don’t have time.”

Another way to say reasonable is responsible. We are all trying to be responsible for our actions. We have responsibilities we need to take care of.

After a while, it seems difficult to wager what we have gained.

Perhaps, the answer then isn’t to continue to choose what is responsible in the eyes of others and what we call reasonable…

The answer is to embrace unreasonable.

It is unreasonable to quit a job that pays so well.

It is unreasonable to pursue a new field.

It is unreasonable to go to the gym at 5 am.

Be unreasonable.