There is no destination, only direction

History has shown us two things:

1) Problems are inevitable.

Whether we are talking about solving the way humans travel great distances with the use of airplanes (now we need airports, pilots, air traffic controllers…) or vaccinations (cure one disease and so it begins to mutate); when we solve one problem, two more pop up in its place. Which means…

2) Problems are soluble.

Not solvable. Because that would mean that once we figure out a solution then we would never see that set of problems again. No, we continue to evolve as we continue to face adversity. We rise up to the challenges we face of our day. That with the right combination of information and knowledge, we can temporarily solve something. Or we fail and likely perish.

Wich also means that progress is always attainable. Because there is no destination, only direction. We will never achieve utopia in this life because that would mean we have solved every problem we know (and have yet to discover).

Which finally means, that today is the beginning of something great. That we can move in the direction of progress. That as we continue to grow, we face these new sets of challenges never before seen.

HT The Beginning of Infinity.