Waiting to be picked

It’s tempting to wait until someone picks you before you begin.

But why wait to be picked?

Why not simply begin?

For thousands of years, you didn’t get paid for making music or writing books. You did it because you wanted you.

And when you were a kid, no one told you what to draw, you just picked.

Somewhere along the way, we lost that. The ability to make things for the fun of it.

We are creators by nature. All of us have this special ability to create things that bring about joy in the world.

The thing is…

No one is stopping you from writing your book or to sing your song.

No one is stopping you to start that non-profit you always wanted to start.

If you are waiting to be picked, you will be waiting forever.

Let’s be honest, no one is showing up with a blank check.

Instead, decide. Create. Initiate.

That’s the thing about initiation. It never runs out.