Busyness was never happiness

Facebook is busy.

So is the office, traffic, your email, smartphone…busy.

Where is the busy taking us?

You have to fill your time with something, but unfortunately, too often, we fill it with the wrong things—status symbols, outward appearance, more zeros in the bank account, better title…

The never-ending cycle of accumulation is just that. Never-ending.

Here are 10 essential questions from Jerry Colonna that are worth asking ourselves every day:

  1. How have I been complicit in creating the conditions I say I don’t want?
  2. What am I not saying that needs to be said?
  3. What am I saying that’s not being heard?
  4. What’s being said that I’m not hearing?
  5. How are things going for me?
  6. What would I like my children to feel at the same age as I am?
  7. Am I a good person who’s doing the best I can?
  8. In what ways do I deplete myself and run myself into the ground?
  9. Where am I running from and where am I running to?
  10. Why have I allowed myself to be so exhausted?