Marble Hornets

10 years ago, Marble Hornets released its first entry on YouTube. At first, it confused the audience.

Was this real?

When is the next entry?

Of course, it was fake. But in the early days of YouTube, it took a minute to get the joke.

To date, the channel has been now viewed over 100 million times. Their budget? The first 26 episodes were done for $500, 5 actors and a couple of handheld cameras with a really good idea.

The question is, what more do you need to do your best work?

Sure, they weren’t planning for this show to become the standard for YouTube series. That’s not the point.

You don’t need a 100 million dollar budget to make a great film.

We use excuses from not enough time, we need better tools or more education and experience as another form of hiding.

The cost of failure for Marble Hornets was zero. If it didn’t work, they simply could have moved on.

Everything to gain, nothing to lose.