Eggs and bread?

Yes, eggs and bread are enough to make a difference.

In London, one of the richest cities in the world, there lies a cafe. A cafe that is changing things.

Their menu consists of boiled eggs, toast, jam, porridge, coffee and tea. That’s it. Everything is self-served. There is no bill, just a donation box where you can empty your plate.

“Pay if you like…if you like.”

Eggs and Bread isn’t just a cafe, they are on a mission. They believe everyone deserves a good start to the day.

Why does this matter?

It matters because, despite all the wealth London has, 28% of its citizens live in poverty.

We over-exaggerate what it is we need to make things better.

We think we need more funding, more education, more time or stability. What we really need is the heart to start.

If eggs and bread are enough, you are too.

HT Steve Parker for finding this gem.