Tuning in or tuning out?

For decades, television networks have trained us to tune in to prime time television (TGIF, Super Bowl, Must See TV). That all ended after Seinfeld.

The internet is the opposite. There is no one channel to tune in to but an infinity of micro-channels. Anytime. Anywhere. Anyplace. For everyone.

Even though, TV was designed to watch commercials, for the most part, we just chose to tune them out. (You would run to the bathroom during commercials but you certainly didn’t take your TV with you.)

Netflix changed things again too. Prime time might now mean 3:00 AM so that you can be the first to finish a series.

When we remove layers of inconvenience (continuous play, one click shopping, longer battery life, video recommends…), you increase participation.

It’s worth asking then, when you are tuning in, what are you tuning out?

Tuning in has never been easier to do. The challenge of our day is learning how to tune out the noise that don’t make our lives better.