Symbols drive mass movements

I read about this guy who tried to cut the pride flag down off the Dominion Energy building here in downtown Salt Lake.

The question isn’t whether he supports the important issues surrounding LGBTQ. The question is, why did he let a flag drive him to do this?

Because symbols are powerful.

They get us to do things we would normally ever do—from storming the castle to cutting a pride flag in the center of town.

Symbols can mean a lot of things: people, places, objects…the point is, symbols are everywhere. Because it is so saturated it can sometimes be difficult to see that one is standing in the middle of a revolution.

As Eric Hoffer has so brilliantly pointed out, mass movements begin with a widespread desire for change from the discontented people. Discontented people who place their locus of control outside their power and who also have no confidence in the existing culture.

All discontented people need is a symbol to spark a fire and make change happen.