The titled are powerful

The other players must accept this outcome as per the arena in which the title was one.

So when the boss tells his staff to come in on Saturday, he’s exercising his title.

And when the teacher says, “Because I said so” he’s showing his status.

Another word for title is label.

Labels are important to understand because…

Because they are a human invention.

When we label someone, we begin to reassess who they are. Subsequently, we put them in a box. Once someone is in a box, it is difficult to hear what they got to say.

Democrat. Republican. Liberal. Conservative. Gay. Straight. Affluent. Poor. Majority. Minority. Good. Evil.

See the problem? When we draw a line down the sand and ask people to choose, to sort themselves into one or another, we have created a culture of Us vs. Them.

By simply recognizing that these labels are all invented, we can draw bigger boxes.

One that includes all of us.

Humans. People. As one.

We are all in this together.