Game over

A million people have signed a petition to redo the Game of Thrones ending.

1,000,000 hardcore fans…that’s a lot. So many in fact, that it has taken the top story on—placing it higher than other more important issues like CVS dumping their food rather than donating it.

So, here is the question: If you knew the ending at the beginning would you still choose to go on this journey?

For eight years, GOT has worked to create this tension and when it was time to release it they left the viewers unsatisfied.

The problem isn’t that the ending didn’t match GOT fans expectations. The problem is what do we choose to fill this void with again?

This makes sense to see mental health professionals are now making themselves available to talk to people about the show is over.

Will viewers choose another show to dive into or will they wake up?

GOT doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how the show ended because it’s not real, it’s entertainment. There are lots of things in our world and the choices we are making that are fake.

Instead of investing in GOT, what if we were to spend that hour helping someone who needs to be helped or making something that needs to be made.

What could you accomplish?

That is a journey worth enrolling in.