Should you go back to school?

The first batch of millennials is closing in on their first ten years in the workforce. Many are asking the same question, “Should I go back to school?”

The two main reasons: They don’t like their job or they don’t make enough money.

This trap has created a huge problem in our culture. Go to school, rack up debt, take a job that is less desirable to pay that debt off or work at a job that you are proud of doing and skimp by.

So many are left wondering What should I do?

Three things to think about:

  1. Think of your work and art as separate. Work is something you have to do in order to fund your art. Most people have eight hours outside the office that they can be used to do art.
  2. Going to school to figure out what you are passionate about is another form of hiding. (It didn’t work the first time, what makes you think it’ll work better the second?)
  3. Rather than “finding your passion and you’ll never work a day in your life” instead decide to become passionate about the work you do and then it won’t feel like work.

There is no step-by-step set of instructions to get to the life you deserve. What we need is a compass and to spend more time developing one.