In 1809, Ricardo had one rule that has held up well for a couple centuries: Own a thing that you can rent and then you will win the game.

That idea spurred one of the biggest, best selling board games of all time—Monopoly.

Monopoly, also known as the Landlord’s Game, designed by Elizabeth Magie, was created to teach the players the economic hazards of Ricardo’s Law of Rent. 

(The game was then stolen by Charles Darrow who sold it to Parker Brothers. Darrow would subsequently become the first millionaire game designer.)

The point of Monopoly wasn’t to own the board and bankrupt your competition. No, the point was to leave a bad taste in your mouth when you lost. You were supposed to feel frustrated that you couldn’t turn a corner without emptying your pockets.

It used to be a brilliant game. But now, it promotes how we should grab more than our fair share because why not? It’s survival of the fittest.