Products of the environment or environment of the product?

Why are there so many Type A hedge fund managers on Wall Street?

It turns out that people with Type A personalities are sorting themselves into Wall Street and Type B’s are sorting themselves out.

As a result, we have created a culture of extremism.

Because the only way to differentiate yourself in a crowd of like-minded individuals is to sound just a little bit further into left field.

Over time, what you have created is an echo chamber.

So here is the question: Are we products of the environment or is the environment the product of us?

Does greed attract Type A personalities to Wall Street? Or is Wall Street a manifestation of the culture of greed?

Does Wall Street produce theĀ Gordon Gekko‘s of the world? Or did the landscape change once they assembled?

I think it’s both.

The internet has made it vastly easier to find people like us. And so, when given the choice, we choose to live with people like us.

And without diversity, we begin to pollute the culture with our toxic rhetoric. Leaving no one to challenge our worldview.

The environment made us and we made the environment.