Patterns, loops and safety

Here’s one pattern:

Something happens to us and then we create a system to help explain what happened.

Bias and prejudice begin to settle in when something happens to us that contradicts the system we have built.

And instead of changing it, we cherry pick the data to reinforce the narrative. All in an effort to protect our beliefs.

After a while, we become stuck. The status-quo begins to sink in.

We create this pattern in order to create shortcuts. Because it is impossible to interpret everything that is happening all at once. There is too much data to consume. So, we pick things that have predictable outcomes.

Why is it that our brains find it so seductive to live life that is so predictable?

Because it is safe. Because nothing happens. Because I don’t have to work so hard and can save the calories.

If yesterday was like today, I can better predict what tomorrow brings. I have a better chance to survive this way. If it’s easier for me to survive then I am more likely to create a repeatable pattern.

But is survival enough?

Let’s be clear, safer doesn’t mean better.

If we don’t step out and draw a bigger box, we will never attain the life we deserve. The one full of possibility.

Patterns overtime create loops. Caught in the wrong one and your life can be severely inhibited.