The other 20%

It is estimated that 80% of the known matter is made up of “dark” matter. Dark matter cannot emit light or absorb it.

What’s interesting is the other 20%.

The other 20% is often referred to as “ordinary” matter. Ironically, ordinary matter is much harder to find in the universe.

Since we are the only known human beings in the universe, it’s no coincidence then that we are made of the “ordinary” stuff.

Here is the thing about ordinary matter though: it glows continuously.

Human beings are actually emitting radiant heat (which is an infrared light) and light in the visible range to faint for our eyes to see.

The universe is so vast and it is a cold, dark, empty, desolate space. Being one of the few light sources in the known universe makes us unique.

We are not ordinary but extraordinary. Beyond what we can imagine.