Two types of ceilings

The first one is made of glass.

The reason glass ceilings make us so miserable is that you can see the potential, you can see the possibilities. The good news is, glass ceilings can be smashed. These are the false limits we put on ourselves.

The second type, is an iron cast ceiling set at four tall.

These are real limits. Limits like lack of access to clean water, health care, education, poverty. The tragedy of an iron ceiling is that you never know what’s on the other side. You can’t see the potential. So why bother putting in all this effort to break through.

There is no simple solution to break through an iron ceiling. But those reading this blog have all the tools and capacity to shatter false limits. These narratives of not feeling good enough, not feeling educated enough, not feeling experienced enough…are just limits we put on ourselves. Because there is nothing stopping you from spending two hours a day picking up a book on sales, watching how-to/DIY videos on YouTube, publishing a blog on WordPress or new code on GitHub…

No one is stopping you. You have the keys to the car. Level up.