Asking for the right kind of feedback

Our default question when asking for feedback is, “What do you think?”

The problem with asking in generalities is that you won’t get anything specific.

Maybe the feedback you really are asking for is “What do you think of the color?” Maybe the feedback you wanted was “What do you think of this font?” Or maybe you wanted someone to check for spelling errors.

When we are too general then someone will come in and make suggestions to change the content. By doing so, you are handing over the decision-making to someone who is potentially less informed.

Creating is all about making decisions. It won’t make sense for everyone. Depending on the goal depends on the decisions you make. Other people don’t have the same goal as you.

(Asking for the wrong type of feedback isn’t necessarily harmful, but we need to do a better job so that we can honor the giver without wasting their time.)