How to really use a blender

What do you get when you combine magic tricks, a banjo and stand up comedy?

You get Steve Martin.

His act was so unusual. So fresh and different. Carefully crafted over the years. Little by little.

It took decades for the audience to get the joke. But it all paid off, eventually. At the height of his popularity, Steve Martin was selling out stadiums.

Too often, I am hearing too many people say that they feel locked in to their job and that they don’t have the skills or education or experience to do something else.

Really? If Steve Martin could break comedy with a banjo, maybe it is time to reevaluate our stance.

You have talents you are born with and skills that continue to grow. Take three things you are good at or enjoy doing, throw it in a blender, and go do something with it.

You can do so much more with what you got if you just start.