What’s the payment?

If you watched car commercials recently, you’ll notice something:

Car companies rarely post the prices of vehicles in a 60 second spot.

An Econ understands that cars are a terrible investment. Cars lose 70% of their value over the first four years.

So why should they post the price?

They are not trying to sell you the car today, instead they’re trying to get you to buy into the story of why you should by this car tomorrow.

It the way the car makes us feel.

It’s safe.

It’s reliable.

It makes me feel younger.

It’s luxurious.

As a result, we talk ourselves into what payment we can afford.

If you want a cheat code that is going to help you open more doors, improve your relationship with your spouse, improve your quality of life, help you start a business…Quit buying stuff with payments.

Live like no one else, so later on you can live (and give) like no one else.

It’s extremely easy to walk into debt and 100x harder to get out of.

HT Dave Ramsey