Why does food positioning matter?

It turns out that by simply re-positioning food in a certain way, it can sell better.

The question is Which food goes in the best spot?

Healthy food? Junk food? Popular food?

Which goes first?

Well, if the goal is to make more money then you should position your best sellers. But if the goal is to create a healthy customer then you should sell healthy food in a space that sells. Or maybe you are trying to stay neutral and just randomly choose.

These are design choices.

As Richard Thaler has pointed out, the people to make these decisions are Choice Architects.

It’s not just with food, of course.

Think about how traffic lights are programmed, the way that an architect chooses where a bathroom is located in her blueprints, or how someone designs a school’s curriculum.

Every choice creates a feature. Every feature has a consequence.

For better or for worse, we can design our lives to do less harm simply by being conscientious of the choices we make when we design something we love.

That’s the key. With love.