Nothing lasts forever

That’s the problem.

We try to make everything that is labeled good or pleasant last forever. We squeeze tighter, hold onto moments longer than we should.

As a result, we fall victim to believing, “Whoa is me! How can such a thing happen? Everything was going so well.”

Intuitively, we know the ups can’t last, and yet, when we fall in love with the attachment of “good” outcomes, the “bad” seems way worse.

Bad isn’t worse because of the suffering, the pain and affliction. No, we make the so-called bad worse because we long for the good.

Paradoxically, those complex challenges are what makes our lives meaningful. It’s not when we are sailing the calm waters but when the torrential storms hit we take action and make memorable experiences.

The good news is the hardships don’t last forever either. Storm clouds always seem to pass.