We’re all products of our time

600 years ago, Scribes were highly skilled and highly demanded until Gothenburg’s Printing Press made the profession obsolete. The Air Traffic Control Operator didn’t exist until the 1920’s. A Social Media Management degree wasn’t around ten years ago.

No one grew up wishing they could manage internet content six centuries ago. We’re all products of our own generation.

Today, everyone has a chance to be a writer or a producer or an artist.

The road is wide and vast but shrinking. It has never been easier to start your thing. (Tomorrow, may not be the same.)

And yet, with all this freedom, all these choices, all these resources (money, food, tools, supplies), it still isn’t enough.

We choose to be spectators instead of players.

Most scholars will define this generation for the internet but I worry we will become another version of the Lost Generation. Metaphorically, losing ourselves because of the fear of stepping up and standing out.