That’s the tax you pay

Are you the one that spends a lot of time cleaning in your relationship? Or perhaps, the one that does all the cooking?

In every relationship there is a tax that must be paid.

The question is, Could you still have a clean house whether she participates? Could you still have dinner whether he participates or not?

Of course you can.

Would it be easier if the other helped.

Of course it would, but that’s not the point. You can’t force other people to follow your code.

These are the taxes you pay when two people come together as one.

We need to do a better job to separate what is a tax and what is a deal breaker. Too often, we blur them one the same.

So, let’s be clear: Domestic violence isn’t a tax. Infidelity isn’t a tax. There are definitive, clear lines that you cannot be crossed without consequences.

[A spouse cheating on his “taxes” could turn into a deal breaker.]