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Sometimes, the important people in your life don’t want a relationship with you.

The good news: People change.

And so do circumstances, conditions, environment…they all change.

Our natural tendencies is to believe that what is today will be the same tomorrow.

The truth is, people are absolutely terrible at predicting the future. We don’t really understand the consequences of our choices today and how they will affect tomorrow.

What we feel in this moment is usually not lasting. 

Feelings pass over us like clouds, some pleasant and some not so pleasant.

The world isn’t as fixed as we are.

The suffering, the pain we fill is when we attach ourselves to certain outcomes. When we want things to be a certain way. 

And that’s the problem with the recipient, they want it a certain way too.

It takes a warrior to hang onto this tension of the unpleasant. And maybe, that is who you have to be while you wait for things to change.