Feelings and objectivity

Feelings help us judge the external world around us.

Yet, our feelings are often wrong. We misinterpret, misjudge, interject biases and prejudices that cloud our ability to infer.

The good news is once we can identify these habit, we can just as easily develop a second type of framework.

We can drop the narrative and pick a new one.

It took 15 months after Watergate for the majority of the public to change its narrative on impeaching President Richard Nixon.

Climate change may follow a similar (but longer) trajectory. Once viewed as a pseudoscience (when oil companies were left in charge to investigate how detrimental their business was to the environment) is now backed by undeniable mountain of data.

Being objective requires us to be free of personal feelings. Yet, personal feelings are also a window into a particular individual or groups worldview.

We need these feelings to reflect an objective view but objective views are clouded when we let our feelings take the drivers seat.