Embrace more collisions

Human beings have this incredible ability to avoid running into each other.

We work so hard to create order in a disorderly world, to have clarity in obscurity and to have a plan for what’s to come next.

Yet, collisions still occur. Accidents cannot ever be completely avoided.

Ideas work the same way. We work extremely hard to avoid views different from ours. We follow the rules and etiquette of the people around us. Swim with the current. Follow the pack.

Human beings avoid running into conflicting views of the self so that we can preserve our way of being.

But what would happen if we sought out the different, the weird and the unusual? What would happen if we heard something that conflicted with our core?

Could we sit with that tension?

It’s a good thing we can avoid each other going 80 on the freeway. Ideas, on the other hand, can conflict without any harm.

Your status-quo is what you believe, say, think and do. Conflicting ideas are what challenge our worldview, so that we can smash it.

Closing the door to ideas deemed impossible just because it conflicts with our current worldview isn’t going to bring us the forward motion we need to make a difference.