Artists find the guts to say, “Good enough”

Christopher Nolan in his magnum-opus, Memento, is considered by many critics to be one of the best movies of the century.

Yet, it is riddled with mistakes.

There are 54 errors throughout the complicated film. Despite Nolan’s best work. It wasn’t perfect. We have to accept that mistakes are part of the creative process.

The good news is, no one goes to the movies to find mistakes. We go to be connected, entertained, changed.

It is impossible for your work to be perfect.

If we refuse to ship in the name of perfection, we will never change things for the better.

I’ve written nearly a thousand blogs, I can tell you first hand that this work is riddled with mistakes. But with a couple of clicks, I can make it better. More importantly, I learn for the next attempt. Because tomorrow, there is another blog due. Another chance to change someone’s mind and to raise the bar.

Your work is just too important to sit back and wait for the perfect blog post to appear before you publish.

Yes, a good editor will make your work better. But it takes an artist with guts to ship your best and then do it again. And again…