The access fund

The greatest luxury that we get to enjoy on a day-to-day basis that those in poverty don’t is access.

Access to capital.

Access to education.

Access to vote.

Access to the internet.

Access to health care.

And so on.

Access is the key to unlocking the bonds of poverty.

By giving this gift to someone, we are giving them the opportunity to raise the bar, to challenge their status-quo.

More importantly, we give someone the platform to do great work.

Great work isn’t limited to gender, age, race or any other demographic. It is limited by the opportunities and tools we have at are disposal.

Impossible to do work that might fail when you toe the line of extreme poverty, when someone at home goes hungry because of your mistake.

Last year, we raised $500 for clean water projects around the globe. The goal was to help #solve1problemfor10, and we ended up helping 16.

This year, we are doing it again.

For $30, 100% of your money goes to saving someone’s life by providing access to clean water.

What. A. Bargain.

What an opportunity to bend the culture.

[Scott Harrison’s new book, Thirst, is now available. Worth every penny to read an incredible journey of redemption. If you don’t know about Scott’s journey to start charity: water, you are missing out. Charity: water has raised over a quarter of a billion dollars to fund clean water projects around the world. His background? A night club promoter. We all have this great opportunity to do the impossible. Act as if.]