Neophobia and Neophilia

Neophobia is the fear and hatred of new things.

We all suffer from it.

And it is what keeps those in extreme poverty from trying new seeds to improve their yields—it isn’t what our ancestors have used for hundreds of years. (And if we get this wrong, my family dies.)

That’s the problem when standing too close to the edge.

Except, none of us reading this blog are toeing that line. In fact, no where near it.

Our neophobia mostly consists of our fear of downloading the newest iPhone update because we just got used to the old one.

So if the cost of failure is now close to zero to try something new, then why is it so difficult for us to try new things?

Neophiliacs, the love for new tools and ideas, are rare indeed.

In a world that is ever evolving and changing, how much friction do new things cause?