Square peg and round hole

Machines are mechanical thinkers. They think within a system. They follow the rules and laws in place. Machines are not questioning what their place is, they just do what they are told.

Humans, on the other hand, have a unique ability to jump out of the system and ask why questions. We can search for meaning.

For 200 years, we have used humans to do the work of machines. Now, computers handle the tasks with more speed, accuracy and they don’t need bathroom breaks.

The bad habit organizations are still having a hard time breaking is this:

As a leader, when you are talking about how we can make more impact, how can we change things, your team is stuck thinking mechanically.

Competence is perceived as safe, a sure way to keep your job/paycheck/healthcare.

Change creates friction. The kind of friction of “I am no longer competent at what I am doing.” And if I am not competent, I am exposed. If I’m exposed, I am going to get fired.

It’s a choice.

The irony is, change is constantly happening. Faster than even 10 years ago. And while the masses are scrambling to grasp at the remaining straws, the ones who are thriving are the ones embracing an unclear future.