Not yet

There are two types of mindsets:

A fixed mindset is the believe that the basic qualities of an individual or group are what they are. They will never grow, they will never change. Factors like IQ and skills are capped out to the abilities of that person.

A growth mindset is completely different. A growth mindset signals that you believe intelligence and skills can grow with practice. That what is today, doesn’t have to dictate what is tomorrow.

We have to be completely clear on this because I think it’s important: The brain can adapt and change depending on its environment.

So, if we know that change can happen in the right conditions, in the right environment, in the right circumstances coupled with the right effort and the right emotional energy, why is it so hard for us to accept that failure today doesn’t indicate failure tomorrow?

The truth is, we are just not there yet.

Not yet signals that I am on a learning curve. Not yet suggests that I’m moving forward despite adversity and challenge. Not yet means that despite falling seven times, I am getting up eight.

The crux is when we make a mistake.

When we make a mistake we fail to recognize the difference between guilt and shame.

Guilt is coming short, feeling sorry for your actions that leads us to want to do better. Sometimes it can motivate us and start an up-cycle (“I can practice this and get better at it”). Shame, on the other hand, is the believe that we are a failure. So, why even try to change? Sending us on the path of a downward cycle.

We live in a culture that doesn’t understand failure. We use shame as a means to an end. And it cripples us. Every day.

Difficult to pull ourselves out of a downward cycle if the only feedback we get is results based, instead of the effort we put in.

It is far better to reach higher, dare greater and to fail than it is to live with the status-quo. No one ever did anything important by drawing within the lines.