The Five C’s

There are five C’s for creating an optimal family experience:

  1. Clarity: When we can set clear, concise goals and boundaries people operating in the system know what they can or cannot do. Less psychic energy is wasted on bickering when there is clarity.
  2. Centering: Being mindful of the present feelings and emotions, rather than worrying about how this will affect long-term goals.
  3. Choice: We live in a world of infinite possibility. And yet, we limit those choices with the lens we choose to see the world. We rarely are in a situation with no choice, just no easy choices left to make.
  4. Commitment: Build a culture of trust—It’s okay to put down your sword and shield. It’s okay to be vulnerable. Don’t be embarrassed at what someone else is doing. Take interest in it.
  5. Challenge: Increase the complexity of problems and tasks we put in front of each other. This is where growth occurs.