Why default settings matter

In countries like France and Austria, they have a 99% consent rate to donate their organs while next door in Germany it’s 12%.

How does France and Austria get so much buy in?

It turns out, by simply redesigning their DMV form to be an “opt-out” instead of an “opt-in” (meaning, you are automatically enrolled as an organ donor unless you check a box to say otherwise), you can dramatically increase the number of organ donors.

Astonishing to think about really.

If you change the default settings, you can change behavior.

It’s not that people don’t care or think that organ donating is a bad thing. It’s that we, as human beings, have a difficult time making difficult decisions. Because we make so many, when we can outsource them, (i.e. leave it for someone or something else to decide like the environment) we will. Especially, if it doesn’t appear to have any consequences.

Not every solution needs to involve moving mountains to fix a broken system.

It’s the small and seemingly insignificant decisions that we don’t even think about that can lead to great things.

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