The importance of good questions

Finding the answers is easy.

In a world where access is right in your pocket, answers are instant, there is little value in memorizing the facts and formulas. We can just look it up. Fast and with extreme accuracy.

So, why do we put so much value in memorizing when the War of 1812 was? Why do we value competence over curiosity?

That’s a good question. We are seeing a shift in our economy. Slowly, we are moving from being told every step we need to take to the emotional work of drawing our own map.

With all the answers right at your fingertip, the trick is to ask questions the rest of us are not asking. The kind of questions we are too afraid/naive to ask.

Once you see what other can’t, it’s difficult to unsee it. What then? Will you have the guts to act?

Great things start with great questions. Not the other way around.