Work is not a paycheck

At the beginning of our lives, we did all sorts of things for free. That changed once we got older and decided to go to work. Once we get paid to do something, we don’t want to do it anymore because it’s our job.

So why would we spend (interest word, spend) our time doing something just because we got paid?

Wouldn’t we better spending our time doing work we love, even if we don’t get paid?

Your work is not defined by how much money you make. If it did, that would mean that the CEO of the company you work for brings 380 times more value than you do.

No, work is more than something you do by the hour. It could be measured by the difference you make, the lives you touch, the people you heal. Or it can be defined by the change you seek to make.

You could be paid in community or maybe you get paid in the satisfaction of helping someone who needs to be helped.