Understanding art part 3: We are not accountants

We are more than a resume.

What you do can’t be condensed into a list of hard-skills on a single sheet of paper.

Yet, when people ask what we do, we insist on saying that we are accountants (or dentists or clerks…).

No, we are artists.

How long are we going to ignore the call?

The call to action.

The call to make a difference.

The call to help someone who needs to be helped.

The call to do the thing that you must do.

No one ever feels qualified to make art. There isn’t enough reinsurance to protect us. A bigger badge isn’t going to help, and neither will another degree.

We always feel unprepared for our moment to stand up and speak out.

If you are going to lie and say that you have no voice, no good ideas, I will show you someone who’s afraid to share their art.

Everyone has a voice in them, ready to sing.

Many are called, few will answer.