Success and the excessive bank account

Recently, I went to an event and happen to speak to a cable news host about their program on success stories. Knowing absolutely nothing about the individual, his first response after asking what I do was:

“Come talk to me in a year when you are successful.”

Let’s be completely clear about this, because I think this is something that most people trip on:

Success is not achieved by a dollar amount.

Success is measured by the impact you make, the lives you touch, the change you seek to make. It can’t be measured, it can’t be qualified but it can be felt. It is a posture.

The single mom who works three jobs to help put their kids through college, that opens doors for her kids, to give them more opportunities than she had is far more successful than the capitalist who races to the bottom to squeeze more profit.


Success is not a popularity contest.

It isn’t measured by how many Twitter followers. That world is fake. And there are lots of things and decisions we make that are fake too.

Next time someone compares their worth to yours, kindly tip your hat and walk away. There are far better ways to measure your life than money.