What would you do if you had nothing left to lose?

After WWII ended, the Japanese were struggling to pick up the pieces. Tokyo was wrecked. And for Masura Ibuka, things kept going from bad to worst.

Hanging by a thread, Ibuka wanted a project that could put his little company, Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation, on the map. He turned his sights to the new transistor radio released by Bell Labs.


As you can see, the original transistors used a vacuum tube and was so bulky they were viewed as a piece of furniture.

Ibuka looked at this and wondered what a transistor radio would look like if it could fit in your pocket?

(Sound familiar?)

After several years of trial and error, Ibuka and his team did the impossible and created the world’s first portable, pocket-sized transistor radio. The TR-55 became an instant hit and it completely changed the culture of how people listened to music.

Ibuka would later on rename his company to what we know today as Sony.

As a result, many Japanese companies followed Sony’s example in exporting electronics. One year after the TR-55 was launched, the total number of electronics exported from Japan increased 2.5 times.

Japan economy would go on and make a miraculous turnaround, becoming the lead player in global electronic exports.

For most of us, conditions will never be optimal. There will never be enough time or money or resources.

It will always feel too early to begin. The fact is, in order to reach the end of your journey, you must start at the beginning.

The beginning is where you will find yourself with nothing to lose.

Don’t waste the opportunity.