Spending too much time calling mediocrity greatness

Deviating from a fixed course isn’t easy but it’s better than spending too much time calling mediocrity greatness.

Change is an inevitable force. In nature, only the ones that choose to evolve will be the ones that survive. We also see it in our economy and culture.

The music industry changed. Almost overnight, music became free. And while the record companies were busy insisting the world stay the same, they marched into a slow death. Same could be said about Blockbuster and Toys “R” Us.

You can’t pretend forever. Delaying difficult decisions don’t make them go away.

[Click here if you would like to throw your money away to save Toys “R” Us. I guess it’s easier to ask for someone else to open up their wallet then it is to have the executive team open up theirs. The biggest toy store in the world is gone and it isn’t coming back. Unfortunately, it is working people that will pay the price. Change is hard. Closing doors is even harder.]