Irrational fear

Every year five people are killed by sharks. In contrast, every year people kill over 100 million sharks.


Because of fear.

Fear is irrational. It doesn’t play by our rules, it plays on our emotions. It is reactionary. We are programmed to eliminate other possible threats/predators. This is how we survived.

The facts are clear: You are 250 times more likely to be killed by a deer in a car cash than by a shark.

No one is afraid of deer. It’s not a threat. I guess that is why no one has made a movie of killer deers but plenty have been made on killer sharks.

Fear controls so much of what we do in our everyday decisions. We don’t need to be afraid of sharks, bears or saber tooth tigers anymore. Predators are no longer the problem. Getting out of our way, developing a posture of courage, getting past the default setting of fear is the new challenge of our day.

When seven and half billion people make a knee-jerk reaction, what happens next?

[Fact: there are more gerbil attacks reported in New York in one year than shark bites in Florida.]