It gets better with more attempts

Centered Sunset is a shot by Scuba Tom off the coast of Brennecke’s Beach in Poipu, Kauai.

It took him two years, 93,124 attempts to get this shot.

93,124 attempts.

93,123 ways it failed until he found the one that worked.

The thing is, anyone can now go out and buy a camera. That part is easy.

What’s hard is venturing out day after day waiting for the perfect moment to capture. Only a few are willing to put in the emotional labor it takes to capture such an incredible shot.

That’s the magic.

That’s what makes all the difference.

While most of us are okay with settling for mediocre pictures off the highway, Scuba Tom is in the water patiently working.

Centered shot may not be Scuba Tom’s most popular picture, but it certainly is one of his most important pieces of work.