Because of one person

In 1970, Dr. Susan Beal was tasked with finding out why so many infants were dying from SIDS in Australia.

Over the next two decades, she would go on to visit the home of every victim (over 500!), looking for anything that might be helpful to solve this complex problem.

It turns out, there was a connection between how babies slept and death. Dr. Beal would go on to be the first person in the world to advocate for babies to sleep on their backs.

Because of this discovery, the rate of SIDS has dropped 85% in Australia since 1989. A global campaign followed where it is estimated that 17,000 babies have been saved in England and 40,000 in the US.

What a difference one person makes.

We don’t need more time or resources, what we need is to decide. Decide what kind of change you are going to make in the world. Now, go make a difference.

(All it takes is one grain of rice to tip the scales.)