It’s tempting to aim at the center. We think this where we could have the biggest impact for the biggest audience.

Except in the center, this is where your work will suffer.

To the masses, your work looks like everyone else’s. It can’t stand out because there is a crowd fighting for every bit of attention.

And even if your work finds a way to get the attention of the masses, it is highly likely that most people won’t get it. In order for the masses to understand what it is you are trying to accomplish, you will have to dumb it down.

It is far better than to aim for the edges.

At the edges is where you can experiment with your tribe to find out what resonates with them. At the edges you can remain unseen while you perfect your craft. At the edges you can stand for something, not everything.

Find the smallest group of people only you can change. Now, go change them.