“The customer is always right”

Good customer service doesn’t mean saying Yes to everything that the customer wants.

Cars can’t be cheap and luxurious. Music can’t be popular and indie. Frozen food can’t be instant and gourmet.

You have to pick your quality, something that you can hang your hat on, the thing that you can deliver that no one else can.

(What are you best in the world at? Of course, not the entire world–the best of your customer’s world.)

Because no good, product or service is for everyone, it is for someone.

Good customer service means:

  • Staying in business to serve your customers.
  • Being empathetic.
  • Connecting with another human being.
  • Being able to identify their pain points.
  • Helping someone solve a real problem.
  • Throwing away the script.
  • Saying Yes and No.

It isn’t pandering to every need. And all too often we fall into this trap of asking What do you need rather than that saying This is what we do.