Living an unscripted life

We know what a scripted life looks like.

We grow up, go to school, find a career, start a family, accumulate large debts, work the rest of our lives to pay them off, retire, set up our children to be in a better situation than we are in.

The scripted life is one of safety and predictability–trying to control potential failures and risks while making outcomes more certain. There is nothing wrong with living a scripted life. It is admirable and noble. And there are many out in the world that would gladly trade their situation for ours.

Every once in a while though, we find someone coloring outside the lines, exploring the edges, seeing how far it is she can go. This life has no script. You just do. They don’t live inside the mold of what is expected. They live in the now. They take paths less traveled to see where it will go.

When yesterday and tomorrow is the same as today, it isn’t going to fulfill you and give you the life that you deserve. 

The answer then is to improvise. Happiness is marching to the beat of your own drum.