What do you stand to gain by attempting to right this wrong?

When you work to change people’s lives, you are eventually going to come across those who do not want to be changed. Even if the work you produce is better, it isn’t what most are used to.

The status-quo is rooted deep in our culture, making it is easy (and even popular) to tear apart people’s work.

The thing is, some wrongs don’t need to be made right. If someone is insisting that your work isn’t good enough, we have to have the courage to say, “Thank you. It’s not for you.”

Critics, trolls and haters all starve for the same thing: Your attention.

Don’t just give it away by engaging with someone who refuses to change. No need to waste our time and energy into convincing those who refused to be convinced.

There are plenty of people out there waiting to be touched by your generosity. Those are the ones we seek to serve.

Spending our time creating the perfect email response or visualizing the perfect comeback, what is it for? What are we hoping to accomplish by stepping into the argument room?

Are we justified? Sure. But is it going to make us feel better?

Revenge is a zero sum game–in order for me to win, you have to lose. No one is going to change their mind in a state of anger.

Far better to use that time to make things better than to right every single wrong that is made in our lives.

Next time someone throws garbage your way–let it lie, let it die.