The ready proclamation

Ready as in this is my best work. I know it isn’t perfect but if I wait until it is then I will never ship it. So I share it with the people around me and I put my name on it because I am proud of it. I hope it changes the recipient as much as it has changed me. I recognize the change I seek to make doesn’t happen until after I generously give this away. I’m not sure how it will be received but I am going to send it out anyway, knowing that it won’t resonate with everyone just someone.

Ready as in I’m stepping into the void not knowing what is coming next. I’ll have to improvise along the way because there is no map, no step-by-step set of instructions on what to do next. This space is where I do my best work. I can hang in there with this tension longer than everyone else can because I care more. I care enough to see this through.

Ready as in I can’t do this alone. I know that my story, my movement needs to resonate with the people around me, my tribe. I will fail over and over again until it strikes a chord. I’m a scientist because I continue to test and measure, poke the box to see what is inside. I have tremendous faith at the end of my story because I am the one who is writing it.

Ready as in I am no longer making twenty-year plans but twenty-year commitments. Everyone wants to be on the shortest path but there are no short cuts. Me? I am taking the long cut. I recognize that people like us do stuff like this–they push through the dip. I invest in tomorrow today. I push aside what is popular to focus on what is important. I recognize Resistance. It is distracting and trying to subvert me from doing my best work.


Ready as in this is something that I have never done before; I will never be completely ready.