Are you a cook or a chef?

The cook carefully reads the step by step set of instructions and follows the recipe. He does what he is told to do.

The chef, on the other hand, decides what goes on the menu. She creates things that might not work. She throws the ball in the air to see what will happen.

The first mixer had cooks worried that their job was eventually going to be replaced.

As we have seen in history, technology has been replacing manual labor. Competence is becoming less and less valuable.

We need more dreamers, someone who can think, take risks and delight the people we serve.

It’s no surprise, that Chefs are on the rise. Cooks, on the other hand, not so much. Because anyone can follow a set of instructions. The real value is the one who can create.

(It’s easy to find a good cook, difficult to find a really good chef.)