The gift that keeps on giving

For 20 bucks, a book can change someone’s life. What a bargain to have something year around to remind us of who we were and what we have become. If you are looking for last-minute gift ideas that are thoughtful and meaningful, here is a list of…

Books that will get you to think differently: Irresistible, Design of Everyday Things, Misbehaving, Persuadable, Master Switch, Whiplash, Coaching Habit, Illuminate, Do the Work, GEB, Rock Warrior’s Way, Self Reliance, Walden, Debt, Only Investment Guide, Blue Sweater, Linchpin

Books that will make you laugh and cry: Bride Stripped Bare, Little Brother, Windup Girl, Million Miles, On the Road

Books that are essential, ones worth reading and re-reading over and over again: War of Art, Art of Possibility, The Gift, Infinite Game, Your Turn, Start with Why